Conditions are an MPTS Tribunal ordered sanction imposed on your registration following a finding of impairment and a Tribunal being unable to determine that a lesser sanction is appropriate. Conditions may restrict your practise or your behaviour or require you to be supervised or retrained.

Any conditions that the Tribunal imposes can be ordered to last for up to three years and can be renewed when they are reviewed by a later Tribunal.


Similarly to undertakings, conditions usually relate to performance, health, English knowledge, alcohol or drug use. Where a Tribunal imposes conditions their judgement will usually include the facts forming the basis of the allegation and their reasoning for imposing conditions. The full judgements are available on the MPTS website for one year.

The conditions on your registration will however be published on the GMC and will be disclosed if requested. Only if a condition relates to your health will certain details be kept confidential. This applies both to the MPTS hearing, MPTS decision and the register.

The GMC and MPTS have a large bank of standard conditions they impose to ensure uniformity of practice. The conditions usually relate to performance, health, English knowledge, alcohol or drug use.

The MPTS will consider conditions workable where you have insight, training/supervision would address the impairment, you are likely to comply and will remediate positively. Conditions must address the issue of the impairment and sufficiently protect patients.

Some examples of conditions from the GMC and MPTS standard form bank: To attend counselling and provide GMC with evidence on request, to only prescribe drugs under arrangements agreed by the GMC Adviser, to only work in a GP setting where there are at least two partner or not to work in any locum post or fixed term contract less than [X] duration.

Where conditions have been imposed a review hearing may be listed to determine that your resumption of full registration is appropriate. Whether a review hearing is necessary depends on the reason for and nature of the conditions and the facts and events occurring after the hearing. See [Review Hearings] for further information on those proceedings.