GMC Investigations

GMC Performance Assessments

  • Performance Assessments may also be required as part of an Investigation or in respect of undertakings or an MPTS Review hearing.
  • The process takes between 1-5 days, assesses your performance in key areas of your work and is directed at your level of seniority and specialism.
  • It is conducted at GMC Manchester by an assessment team and shall include observed practice, interviews, case discussions, knowledge test, medical records review and patient survey.
  • An Assurance Assessment may take place after the process that concludes in agreed undertakings.
GMC Performance Assessments
  • The situations which may call for a performance assessment include a doctor making repeated clinical errors, poor prescribing, poor record keeping or administration which risks patient safety, ignorance of basic clinical practise or failing to work with colleagues.

  • GMC will take into account your position, grade, whether the allegation relates to your specialism and whether you show insight, remediation and whether your performance has improved.
  • The GMC must give reasons for directing an assessment and will refer to Good Medical Practice.
  • The report will usually include recommendations as to how the issue should be managed to include an opinion on whether your fitness to practise is impaired.

  • The GMC would normally follow any such recommendations or would need to give good reasons for the exceptional decision not to follow an expert’s recommendation.