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GMC Health Assessments

If the GMC considers your physical or mental health risks impairing your practise, two independent experts are instructed to produce a report. Where there are issues with drugs or such, testing samples may be sought and you may be asked to agree to a psychiatric assessment.

Other physicians would review physical symptoms. The assessment should be completed within three months.

If you refuse an assessment the GMC may just refer you straight to the MPTS and an interim Orders Tribunal may order your suspension or restrict your practise.

  • The report should address your ability to manage and, recommend any measures that may be taken to address the concern.
  • We can also instruct an expert and obtain a medical report for you if you disagree with the report/s prepared for the investigation. We must warn however that experts reports can be expensive, at least a few hundred to several thousand pounds.
  • A health assessment can be required as part of an investigation, following an allegation, where undertakings have already been agreed or prior to opening a review hearing.
  • The GMC have guidance on whether a health assessment will be required and ask themselves the question about the nature of the health problem, how it is treated and managed, and if it affects fitness to practise.

  • A health assessment may not be appropriate where you have insight and are receiving treatment, there is independent verification of compliance with treatment, your employer and occupational health are aware and provide support, you are in long term stable employment or you restrict your practice appropriately.
  • Conversely, if there are risks posed by potential relapse, you show no insight and refuse treatment, you have been detained under the Mental Health Act 1983, your condition affects your work or seems to cause you to behave criminally or dishonestly then an assessment is likely.