There is not a single statutory numerical limit but there are restrictions on the frequency of applications.

By way of background, the first point to note is that there are different types of erasure;

  • Disciplinary erasure (caused by impairment of fitness to practice)
  • Administrative Erasure (caused by not paying your fee or updating your address)
  • Voluntary Erasure (caused usually by a doctor moving abroad or retiring)

It may also be relevant to consider whether restoration is sought with or without a licence to practice because you may have to revalidate and meet all the other GMC practicing requirements.  If you held a GP registration and practiced abroad there is an additional scheme to complete.  You must first apply to the GMC and follow their procedures for restoration.

If there are fitness to practice concerns as part of the administrative or voluntary erasure restoration applications or it is a restoration application following a disciplinary erasure then the GMC’s case examiners will refer the matter to the MPTS.

Following Disciplinary Erasure from the register a doctor has to wait five years before they may apply to restore.  If this is unsuccessful they must wait another 12 months (or such other period as the MPT may specify) before being permitted to apply again.  If a second application is unsuccessful the MPT may consider whether the right to apply should be suspended indefinitely.  If an MPT does order an indefinite bar to an application then that decision can be challenged after three years.  If that is unsuccessful a doctor must wait another three years before being allowed to apply for another review.  There is no latitude to alter that period.

If the erasure was administrative or voluntary, and there are no FTP issues arising, then the 12 month time limit does not apply.

Whilst time is one relevant factor, if you are considering a restoration application, there are a number of other rules and considerations that apply to any application.  Please contact us directly if you are considering a restoration application and we can provide practical advice to give your application the best chance of succeeding.